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Birds Eye View of Eatonville 2003

                                                                                                                    (photo by Donny O'Brien)

     September 30, 2003

     On a perfect autumn day last week, local pilot Steve Van Cleve took to the air with photographer Donny O'Brien. Between the men ENN has very interesting aerial photographers for you to enjoy. Above is the mill pond and burner, all that remains at the site of the Eatonville Lumber Company which kept the town booming in the early days. The pond is home to various wildlife -  beavers and otters have been spotted in the old wetland and, of course, numerous migratory birds visit during the fall and spring months. The Van Eaton Cabin can be seen on the corner near the highway. And the town sewer "pond" is across the highway.  

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March 6, 2012

Obituary Kathy Dawkins - Obituary Page Four
Obituary Tom Carlson -
Obituary Page Four
New Faces at Council - February 13 Council Report - Council Report
Cottage Bakery and Cafe Opens Door - Local Interest Page Ten
Pierce County Heritage League Annual Meeting - History
Letter to Editor - Citizen Responds to School Board President's Levy Failure Letter -
Letter to Editor
Letter to Community About Levy Failure from School Board President - Bob Homan
Mini Grants Available for School Field Trips to Park - Rainier News Page Three
Washington National Parks Report, Visitors, Money Jobs - Rainier News Page Three
Your Moment of Beauty - Moments of Beauty


February 22, 2012

Relay For Life Celebrates Ten Years - Relay Kick-off - Relay 2012
 Learn More about Dispatch Owners -
Local Interest Page 10
Dispatch Owners Featured in The Oregonian Newspaper -
Local Interest Page 10
Local Police Tactics Frustrate Business Owners -
Eatonville Police Department
Letter to the editor: Vote No (Reject) Eatonville School District Proposition 2 -
My View: Ready for Tax Hike to Bail Out Administrative Blunders? -
My View Part One 2012
My View: Is Propaganda Positive? - My View Part Two 2012
Core Drilling to Begin at Mount Rainier National Park -
Rainier News Page Three
Letter to the Editor: A thought on the School Replacement Levy -




February 8, 2012

Newly Elected Officials Sworn In - January 23 Council Meeting

Council Agenda and Report - January 23 Council Meeting

Intense Atmosphere Prevails at Pivotal Council Meeting - December 12 , 2011 Pivotal Meeting

Jim Valentine Letter to Editor - Letter to Editor

Nan Lucas Letter to Editor - Letter to Editor
My View - Proud of Community - My View

Christmas at Community Center 2011 - Local Interest Page Ten

Marriage Made in Musical Heaven  -  Cindy McTee and Leonard Slatkin - Local Interest Page Ten

Mayor Fires Dexter Habeck Fire Chief - Local Interest Page Ten

Mayor Hires Bob Hudspeth as Fire Chief - Local Interest Page Ten

Eatonville Police Vehicles Report - Local Interest Page Ten

Council Member Gives Reasons for Budget Vote - Local Interest Page Ten

Cathy Coburn Shelley Obituary - Obituary Page Four





December 25, 2011

Obituary Woodrow "Woody" Wilson - Obituaries Page Four

Small Town, Big Heart - 76 Biked Donated for Local Kids -  Local Interest Page Nine

December 7, 1941 - The Nightmare Begins -  Local Interest Page Nine

Christmas Parade a a Cold Success - Christmas Parade 2011

Death on the Mountain - Rainier News Two

Research on Rare Cascade Fox - Rainier News Two

Auditor's Certification - Final Election Results - Election 2011

Councilmember Jim Valentine Thanks Supporters and  ENN - Election 2011

 Carrots and Toilet Paper Bring Laughs at 3/50 Meeting - Local Interest Page Nine

Toilet Paper as Art? - Local Interest Page Nine

Sun Disguised as Moon in Fog - Moments of Beauty








December 7, 2011

First 3/50 Project Meeting Enthusiastic Success - Local Interest 2011

Nisqually Land Trust Acquires Historic Van Eaton Homestead - Local Interest 2011

Kevin Valentine Installed as Master of Masonic Lodge - Local Interest 2011

Scat Detection Dogs at Pack Forest Featured on KING 5 - Local Interest 2011

Dr. A.W. Bridge Christmas Bazaar "Excellent " Success - Local Interest 2011

Yep, It Snowed - First Snow of the Season - Local Interest 2011






November 10, 2011

All About the November 8 Elections - Election 2011
Eatonville's New Daffodil Princess -  Local Interest Page Nine

Madeline Potts Honored by Ohop Grange -  Local Interest Page Nine

Eatonville Family Agency Focuses on Hope -  Local Interest Page Nine

Randy King Named Superintendent of Mount Rainier National Park - Rainier News Two

Council Votes Unanimously to Keep Elected Treasurer - News at a Glance

Obituary Charles Matheny - Obituaries Page Four

Is Eatonville's Unique Money Tree Dying? - Money Tree





September 30, 2011

Jebinos Closes after Four Years on Mashell Avenue  - Local Interest Page Nine

Obituary Bernice Sjoblom -  Obituaries Page Four

Homecoming Royalty - Local Interest Page Nine

Dog Days in the Park - Dog Days 2011

Medic Jeremy Brewer Receives Firefighter Badge - Local Interest Page Nine





September 4, 2011

Town Hit with $2.5 Million Claim in Hamrick Child Sex Abuse Case - Names Police Department - Police

Fired Police Officer Files $2 Million Claim Against Town for Wrongful Termination -  Police
Arne Haynes Obituary  -
Obituaries Page Four

Controversy at Council - Bob Schaub Refuses to Recuse - Council 2011

Heritage Happens - Pioneer Farm

Letter to Editor  - Possible Scam - Letter

Letter to Editor  - Fire/EMS Transport Fees Explained - Letter

World Trade Center Beams in Eatonville - Twin Towers Beams

Historic Chinook Pass Arch Restored - Rainier News Two

Camel Drinks from Plastic Bottle in Petra - Animals Page Four





August 18, 2011

My View: Town in Significant Financial Trouble - My View

Vince Troccoli and Fred Oldfield Honored at 40th Art Festival - Festival Honors
Art Festival History - Festival at 40 Years
Drew Hamrick Pleads Not Guilty to Child Abuse Charge - Local Interest Page Nine
Eatonville Police Under Investigation for Failure to Report Child Sex Abuse Case - Local Interest Page Nine
New Curbs and Old Curbs Present Concerns - Local Interest Page Nine
Chamber Wine And Cheese Event - Local Interest Page Nine
Elliff's Buick Wins Another Big One - Beautiful Buick
Van Eaton Cabin Gets Mini-Makeover - Historical Society
Mountain Co-op Annual Garden Tour - Garden Tour 2011
Relay For Life 2011 - Fun Photos - Relay Photos
Council Meetings Summaries - News at a Glance
Moment of Beauty - Beautiful Photos


July 18, 2011

Small Town American Celebrates Independence Day -  July 4 Parade

Kevin Wade Named Police Chief - More Local Interest

Eatonville General Hospital Circa 1900 - Historical Society
Historical Society Members Give Old Log Cabin Mini-Facelift - Historical Society
Mashell Avenue a Dirt Road Again, For Awhile -
More Local Interest
Town Money Woes - Spending More than its Taking In - Budget Retreat Report
All Quilts Tell a Story - Quilts, Quilts, Quilts
Elliff '57 Buick Wins Another Big Prize - Buick Big Winner
Rod Knocker Show and Shine Car Show - Rod Knockers 2011






June 24, 2011

Planning Commission Agenda - CenterPoint Church CUP  - Planning Commission June Agenda






June 19, 2011

Search for Missing Climber Suspended at Mount Rainier - Rainier News Two

Meet Tony 's Birds - Tony's Birds






June 12, 2011

Memorial Day Photos and Story 2011 - Memorial Day 2011

Liquor Store Changes Management - Liquor Store

Brian Rice Obituary - Obituary Page Four

Beginning of Extreme Makeover on Mashell Avenue - Mashell Avenue

Dave Uberuaga Named Superintendent of Grand Canyon National Park - Rainier News Two







May 15, 2011

85th Annual May Day Celebration Photos and Video -  May Day 85

Mother's Day Celebrated with One Woman's Story - Emilia Troccoli - Mother's Day

Moment of Beauty - Moment of Beauty

News at a Glance - May 9 Council Meeting Summary - News at a Glance

La Grande Post Office in Danger of Closing -  Post Office in Dangers

EHS Ladies Alumni Lunch at Ohop Grange - More Local Interest

Eatonville Becoming Green Showplace for Rain Gardens - More Local Interest

Let's Talk Trees - Arbor Day - My View -  Arbor Day Trees





April 30, 2011

Old and Only Shade Tree in Mill Pond Park Killed. - My View - Trees

Letter to Editor Thanking Councilmember Jim Valentine - Council Valentine

Jim Valentine Busy Public Servant - Council Valentine

School History Project - School Page Four

Red-Winged Blackbird Still Waiting for Spring - Moment of Beauty

Nisqually Stream Stewards Offer Free Stewardship Training June and July - The Waterfront

Salmon Recovery Funding Available In Watershed - The Waterfront

Delighted Anglers Enjoying Kid's Fish Pond Opening Day - Kids Fishing

All About Fireworks Laws - Fireworks 2011






March 15, 2011

Obituary Willett Palmer - Obituaries Page Four

Ernestine Cox - Obituaries Page Four

Jackie Parnell - Obituaries Page Four

Historic Van Cleve Building Demolished - Van Cleve Building

Chris Bivins with Remnants of Old Eatonville - Historical Society






February 2011

School Board President Bob Homan Letter to Editor - School Page Four

"Van Eaton Park" Lawsuit - Lawsuit

New Sign for Mountain Community Co-op - Local Interest 2011

Community Comes Together for Needy Families at Christmas - Local Interest 2011

Proposed Sign Directs Traffic Away from Washington Avenue Businesses - Local Interest 2011

In the Market for a '90s Era McMansion? Rath House to be Auctioned in April - Local Interest 2011

Dead Fish Fling for Salmon Restoration - Dead Fish Fling 2011






January 1, 2011

Total Lunar Eclipse on Winter Solstice, First Time in 456 Years - More Local Interest





December 26, 2010

Vote For Emily Randolph on KING TV - Emily 's Got Talent

December 13 Council Agenda and Actions  - December 13 Council Actions






December 19, 2010

Kind Treatment of  Japanese Community by Eatonville Dispatch Publisher Compared to Other Newspapers after Pearl Harbor Attack -  Jessica Erickson

Meet Doug Beagle, New Town Administrator - More Local Interest

Meet Roger Andrasik, Newest School Board Member - School Page Four

Christmas Parade 2010 - Christmas Parade

Obituary - Frank Allister Mahler - Obituaries Page Four

Paradise Webcam for Winter Travel Tips and Weather - Rainier News Page Two

Washington National Park Fund Wins Boeing Grant for Free Summer Shuttle Service - Rainier News Page Two

Historical Society News - Fundraising Letter from President Bob Walter - Historical Society News and  Letter








December 5, 2010

Too Much Snow - More Local Interest

Volunteers Help Restore Salmon Habitat after Decades of  Destruction - The Waterfront

Interim Town Administrator Out - Doug Beagle to Begin Work December 1 - Doug Beagle

Tofu Man - A Charming Story by David Sakura - Tofu Man

Crue Woodard Heading to Afghanistan - More Local Interest

My View - Ila Campbell Memorial Fountain  Destroyed - My View







November 19, 2010

Jebinos and Fred Oldfield Best of Western Washington Winners - More Local Interest

Interim Town Administrator - Mark Hoppen

Remembering Veterans - Veteran's Day

Halloween Scenes 2010 - Halloween 2010

1996 Sheila Kearns Murder at Longmire Still Unsolved - $30,000 Reward  - Murder at Longmire







November 9, 2010

Great Documentary about Fred Oldfield's Life - More Local Interest

Fred Matthews Memorial - Obituaries Page Four

Masons Install New Officers - Masons








November 1, 2010

Pumpkin Party to Watch Growing the Big One by Diane Mettler - Giant Pumpkins

All About Growing the Big One Hallmark Movie - Giant Pumpkin

Animal Control Update  - Kennels Damaged Need Repair - Animals Page Four

Samson 's the black Lab has a Moment of Fun in the pond - Animals Page Four








October 24, 2010

Seasonal Changes Continue at Mount Rainier National Park - Mount Rainier News

Town Administer Gone - Mayor's Update
Low-cost ($10) Catnip Package for Feral Cats - Coalition: HUMAnE Spay & Neuter Clinic! - Animals Page Four

Eatonville Middle School Rededication - School News Page Four








October 18, 2010

Local Pharmacist Launches New Wellness Program in Eatonville - More Local Interest

Centennial Sam  Returns Home after Being Murdered Last Year - Bring Scarecrow Family - More Local Interest 









October 14, 2010

Tim Patterson Resigns from School Board - School News Page Four







October 10, 2010

Homecoming Royalty 2010 - School News Page Four
Fall Fest Scenes, Photos and Video -
Fall Fest 2010





October 6, 2010

Carl Langberg Dies at Age 100 - Obituaries Page Four

Animal Control Update - More Local Interest

Dogs' Day in the Park - Photos and Video - Dogs' Day 2010

Pierce County Students Break Arm Wrestling World Record - More Local Interest

Eatonville Lions Reminisce About Art Festival Beginnings - More Local Interest

Property Tax Pie Chart - Where Do Your Property Taxes Go? - More Local Interest

Chamber Seeking Volunteers for Visitor's Center - More Local Interest

Your Moment of Beauty - More Local Interest





September 30, 2010

September 27 Council Agenda and Actions - September 27 Council Agenda





September 13, 2010

September 13 Council Agenda and Actions -  September 13 Council Agenda

Joint Fire and Rescue Drill at High School - Keeping Us Safe

Carl Langberg Celebrates 100th Birthday - Happy 100th Birthday

Dog Helps Endangered Orcas -  Animals Page 4

Town Council Budget Retreat - Money Woes, Next Year Looking Gloomy - Council Budget Retreat

No OSHA Law Against Animals in Police Vehicles - OSHA and Animal Transportation

ACE Member Patti Fuchs Speaks Her Mind About Animal Control Issue - More Local Interest

Historic Arch Renovation at Mount Rainier National Park - Mount Rainier News

Reconstruction Begins on Nisqually Road Near Longmire - Mount Rainier News

Here's Looking at You Tony - Vulture Photos - Animals Page 4

Tony is Moonstruck! - More Local Interest

More Habitat for Salmon Restoration on Mashel River - Animals Page 4

My View: Animal Control Problems? Call the Police, 360.832.6111 - Animal Control Mess

Kindermusik - All About Kindermusik






August 24, 2010

Who Owns the Dispatch? Answering Your Question - Dispatch News

August 9 Council Agenda and Actions - August 9 Council Meeting

August 23 Council Agenda and Actions - August 23 Council Meeting








August 23, 2010

Animal Control Officer, Tera Pine, Laid Off Suddenly - Developing Story - Animal Control

After Mayor Moves to Eliminate Animal Control Officer Chief of Police Weighs In -  Developing Story - Animal Control







August 19, 2020

Happy 80th Birthday to Delores Divelbiss Chappell -  More Local Interest

Art Festival 2010 Photos - Festival 2010







August 11, 2010

Art Festival History - How it All Began 39 Years Ago - Art Fest History

Save Pets from Heat - Animals Page 3

July 26 Council Agenda and Actions - July 26 Council Meeting

Public Notice: Proposed Urgent Care Facility on Washington Avenue, Diagram -  More Local Interest

New Deputy Police Kevin Wade -  More Local Interest

RAMROD Biker Ride Around Mountain in One Day - Tony Sirgedas Photo Story - RAMROD

Lucky Baby Swallows - Saved from Raccoons - Animals Page 3







August 4, 2010

Rare Historic Photo of T. C. Van Eaton's Real Estate Office on Mashell Avenue - Rare Photo

ACE (Animal Care Eatonville) Represented at 2010 Dog-A-Thon in Tacoma - Animals Page 3





August 2, 2010

Climber Dies in Fall on Mount Rainier - Rainier News





July 26, 2010

Change Comes to Dispatch Newspaper - New Dispatch Editor





July 21, 2010

Community Center Gets Outstanding Review - More Local Interest

July 12 Council Agenda and Action -  July 12 Council Meeting

Cabin Sign Unveiled by Pat Van Eaton and Cowlitz - Historic Sign







July 16, 2010

Local Businesses Help Fight Cancer - Sponsorships - Relay 2010

Letter to the Editor - Relay For Life Planning Committee Thanks Communities - Relay 2010

Fourth of July Photos by Three Photographers - Caleb Hagen - Stan Shore - Bob Walter






July 12, 2010

Purple Power Unites Town in Fight Against Cancer - Relay For Life Purple Ribbons

One Homeless Man in Town Activates Rumor Mill - Shawna Baublit's Letter to Editor - Homeless Chris

Lack of Common Courtesy Concerns Citizen - Patty McHatton Letter to Editor - Letter to Editor

June 28 Council Agenda and Actions - June 28 Council Meeting








July 7, 2010

New Superintendent Takes the Helm at Eatonville Schools - More Local Interest

Councilmember Jim Valentine Makes History, Now on Association of Washington Cities Board - More Local Interest







July 6, 2010

Search for Missing Climber Called Off - Rainier News

Search for Missing Climber Unsuccessful - Rainier News

Search for Missing Mount Rainier Climber - Rainier News

Dead Cougar Found in River by Smallwood Park - Animals Page 3

Rod Knockers Decorated Town - More Local Interest







July 1, 2010

New Superintendent Rich Stewart Addresses Chamber - More Local Interest







June 27, 2010

Auditor Delivers Animal Neglect Case to Prosecutor -  Animals Page 3

Tony Sirgedas Shares His Perfect Rainbow with Us - More Local Interest

Council Agenda and Actions June 14 - June 14 Council Meeting







June 23, 2010

Woman Rescued after Fall at Mount Rainier - Rainier News







June 21, 2010

Introducing Baby Troy Bromund - More Local Interest

ACE Members Finishing Work on Town Animal Shelter - More Local Interest

Camping Adventures at Mount Rainier - Rainier News

Join Mount Rainier Junior Rangers and Earn "Extra" Rewards - Rainier News

Mount Rainier Free Visitor Shuttle Service Began Friday, June 18 - Rainier News








June 16, 2010

Obituary - Sharon Norberg Van Hoof - Obituary 4

Retirement Reception for Superintendent Ray Arment - Arment Retires

Eatonville Celebrates Cancer Survivors' Day - Relay For Life

EHS Seniors Prepared for Senior Surprise Journey - More Local Interest







June 10, 2010

Bethel Students Learn about Eatonville's Japanese Community - Japanese Graves.

Tony Sirgedas Mountain Photo - Search Called Off for Man Missing in Avalanche - Rainier News








June 6, 2010

Town Square Dedication June 5 - Local Interest B

Remembering Those Who Gave Their All - Memorial Day 2010

Poison Hemlock can Kill You, Your Kids and Your Animals - Beware - Poison Hemlock

Six New Rain Gardens in Town - Local Interest B

Spring Cleanup - Local Interest B

Kindermusik - Kindermusik

Gulf Disaster in Real Time - Local Interest B







June 2, 2010

Local Waterways Rising as Rains Continue - More Local Interest




May 25, 2010

May Day Photos Gallery - May Day 2010

Awards of Distinction for EHS Alumni - Alumni

Relay For Life Fundraisers - Relay 2010

Antique Spring Wagon Takes a Short Journey - Antique Wagon

Historical Paradise Inn Opens - Mount Rainier







May 16, 2010

Arson Fire House Torn Down - February 28 House Fire
April 12 Council Agenda and Actions - Council Actions

April 26 Council Agenda and Actions - Council Actions

May 10 Council Agenda and Actions - Council Actions

New Addition to Fire Station Open House - Open House

Spring into Health Fair - More Local Interest

Opening Day of Fishing Season at Kid's Pond - More Local Interest

Earth Day Every Day - More Local Interest

Meet Judy Justice - New Planning Commissioner - More Local Interest

Superintendent of Public Instruction Dorn Serves One Day Jail Sentence -  More Local Interest









April 20, 2010

Obituary Lora Langberg - Obituary Page Three

Daffodil Float Wins Queen's Award - Daff Float 2010

Alder Community Club Hosts Pat Van Eaton Historical Presentation - Alder History 

Rededication of  Remodeled Eatonville Elementary School - EES Redidcation

Medieval Anvil Made at Terry Carson's Eatonville Forge - Anvil

Ted Iwata's Story - Reflections

Pierce County Animal Services Advisory Committee -  ASAP

The Seasons Flow By - Photos by Edwinna Van Eaton - Edwinna's Tree

Centennial Ceremony at State Senate - Centennial









April 5, 2010

March 31 Special Council Meeting Agenda and Action - Special Council Meeting

Council Agenda and Actions - March 22 Agenda






March 25, 2010

March 24 School Board Meeting Agenda - March 24 Board Agenda







March 18, 2010

School Board Names Richard Stewart as New Superintendent - School News

March 8 Council Agenda and Actions - March 8 Agenda

Obituary - Rose Marie (Boyack) Leith - Obituary Page Three





March 15, 2010

Antique Home Fire Ruled Arson - February 28 House Fire





March 10, 2010

Relay For Life Meeting Dates - Relay 2010





March 6, 2010

Antique Home Consumed by Fire Sunday - February 28 House Fire

Superintendent Candidates Named - School News

Superintendent Ray Arment Praises District Teachers - School News

February 22 Council Agenda and Actions - February 22 Agenda





March 3, 2010

February 8 Council Agenda and Actions - February 8 Agenda

Mini-Tour of "New" Eatonville Elementary School - Photos and Video - Tour School

Continued Volunteer Progress on Town Animal Shelter - Animal Care Eatonville (ACE)

Mount Rainier National Park and State Firearm Laws - Mount Rainier News Page Four

Planning Commission Agenda February 23 - Planning Commission

Mayor Ray Harper Addresses Chamber - Local Interest Page Eight





February 15, 2010

Town Decorated with Stunning New Welcome Sign -  Welcome To Eatonville

Get to Know a Council Member - Jim Valentine - Councilmember Jim Valentine Experience

Mayor Harper's January Report to Citizens - Local Interest Page Eight

Progress on Town Center -  Local Interest Page Eight

Historical Photo - T. C. Van Eaton Store Circa 1914 -  Local Interest Page Eight




February 6, 2010

My View: Can Citizen Anger Turn into Trust and Respect? - Trust and Respect?

Summer Teacher Workshops at Mount Rainier National Park - Mount Rainier Page Four





January 30, 2010

Richelle Heacock Benefit Raises $45,000 So Far - Heacock Family

George Henley Memorial Celebration - George Henley Memorial




January 28, 2010

Council and Public Speak on Animal Control  January 11 Council Meeting - Animal Control

Update: Animal Control - First Meeting with "New" Council - January 11 Council Meeting - Animal Control

What's Missing on January 25 Preliminary Council Agenda - Animal Control - January 25 Agenda: Animal Control

Animal Control Now on Council Agenda - January 25 Agenda: Animal Control

Sergeant Nick Hausner TV Interview - Sergeant Hausner Interview

Superintendent  Search Application - Superintedent Application




January 22, 2010

Richelle Heacock Eatonville Benefit - Richelle Benefit

January 11 Council Agenda and Actions - Animal Control on Chopping Block - January 11 Agenda

Tom Campbell Co-Sponsors Bill for Humane Care of Outside Dogs - Animals

Mount Rainier Seeks Comments on Hazard Tree Control - Mount Rainier Page Four

New Town Attorney, Carol Morris, Hired - New Hires

New Police Officer Introduced - New Hires

Animal Control Reports, Photos, Videos - Animal Control



January 20, 2010

Obituary - Laura A. Carlson - Obituary Page Three

Eatonville Rallies to Support Relay For Life - Relay 2010



January 14, 2010

Photos and Video-Swearing in of New Town Administration - Swearing in December 30, 2009

Letter to Editor - Why didn't Post Office Lower Flag for Fallen Officers - Letters to Editor

School District Superintendent Search Update - District Superintendent Search

School District Superintendent Search on Track -  District Superintendent Search

Jebino Benefit for Deputy Kent Mundell Family - Mundell Family Benefit

Council and Actions December 14, 2009 -  Last Meeting of Smallwood Administration - December 14, 2009



January 5, 2010

Deputy Kent Mundell Dies after taken Off Life Support - Deputies Shot

Sheriff's Deputies Shot Near Eatonville - Deputies Shot



December 28, 2009

Obituary George S. Henley - Obituary Page Three

My View: Animal Control and Other Budget Questions - Animal Control and Budget

Contest? What Contest? - My View - Contest?

Contest Political Poem by Nancy Iams - Contest?

Mayor Tom Smallwood's Accomplishment List - Mayor's List

Parks and Parking - Local Interest Page Seven

New Planning Commission Officers Selected - Local Interest Page Seven

$230,000 Donated for Bridge Connecting Mill Pond and Smallwood Parks - Local Interest Page Seven





December 23, 2009

Say Goodbye to Animal Control - Goodbye Animal Control

Watch Closely Those Who Pushed Rich Adams Out of Council Seat - Letter to Editor

Small Town, Big Heart - Food Bank -  Local Interest Page Seven

Winter Fun at Mount Rainier National Park - Rainier Page Four




December 18, 2009

December 16 School Board Agenda - School Agenda

Tony Sirgedas Photos of Frozen Mashell Falls and Mount Rainier - Local Interest Page Seven

Five Rescued Pit Bulls up for Adoption - Animals Page Three



December 16, 2009

Christmas Parade 2009 - Christmas Parade

See Fred Oldfield on Comcast TV - Local Interest Page Seven



December 13, 2009

Planning Commissioner Betsy Harris Resigns - Planning Commission

December 7, 1941 - Day the World Changed Forever - Local Interest Page Seven



December 3, 2009

Lawsuit Filed Against School District -  District Suit

Councilmember Adams Resigns - Local Interest Page Seven

Councilmember Elect Gordon Bowman Takes Council Seat Early - Local Interest Page Seven

Tony Sirgedas Shows Us Eagles and Mount Rainier - Local Interest Page Seven


November 16, 2009

Steve Lind Memorial Service - Obituary Page Two

November 9 Town Council Agenda and Actions - November 9 Agenda


November 12, 2009

Bill Akiyoshi's Mini Class Reunion at Tall Timber - Bill Akiyoshi

All About You Salon Now Open - Local Interest Page Six

Centennial Sam Now Muerte - Centennial Sam Crime Scene

Emily Moore Eatonville's "First Ever" Poet Laureate - Centennial Poet Laureate


November 6, 2009

October 26 Council Agenda and Actions - October 26 Agenda


November 4, 2009

My View: Thoughts on the Election - Election Thoughts

ENN Supports Harper for Mayor and Bowman for Council - Some Reasons Why - Election 2009


October 30, 2009

Obituary Martha O'Neill - Obituary Page Two

Obituary Lad Van Cleve - Obituary Page Two

Letter to Editor - Roger Andrascik - Letter to Editor

Breast Cancer Awareness - Relay 2009


October 19, 2009

October 12 Council Agenda and Actions - October 12 Agenda

September 28 Council Agenda and Actions - September 28 Agenda

My View: Suicide Ordinance Editorial - My View

Centennial Women's Tea - Honoring Women Past, Present and Future - Centennial Women's Tea

Centennial Events Schedule - Centennial 2009


October 10, 2009

Homecoming Royalty 2009 - School

Fall Fest 2009 - Local Interest Page Six

October 7, 2009

Centennial Pole and Street Banners Up - Centennial 2009

Alumni Reunion - Alumni Reunion 2009

Superintendent Ray Arment Retiring June 30 2010 - School

Mini-Grants for School Field Trips at Mount Rainier - Rainier Page Three

Fall Teacher Opportunities at Mount Rainier - Rainier Page Three

October 1, 2009

Venture Bank Fails - Local Interest Page Six

Ceremonial Ground Breaking for Town Center - Local Interest Page Six

After Years of Controversy Work Begins on Town Center - Local Interest Page Six

Centennial Pole Banners on the Way - Centennial 2009

Centennial Essay Winners - Centennial 2009

Local Artists Recognized at Puyallup Fair - Local Interest Page Six

CenterPoint Church Moves from Community Center to School - CenterPoint Church

Mount Rainier National Park Seeks Volunteers - Rainier Page Three


September 24, 2009

September 14 Council Agenda and Actions - September 14 Agenda

A Rainbow from Tony Sirgedis - Local Interest Page Six

Don't Feed and Speed - Animals Killed by Vehicles at Mount Rainier - Rainier Page Three

Schools Advisory for Swine Flu - School

September 12, 2009

September 8 Special Council Meeting Agenda and Actions - September 8 Agenda

September 4, 2009

Birth Announcement - Introducing Amiah Grace Kolowitz - Local Interest Page Six

School Ribbon Cutting Ceremony - Ribbon Cutting

My View: More Eyesore Updates - Blights 2009

Clean Air Agency Regulation Changes - Local Interest Page Six

Snowmelt Creates Hazard at Muir Snowfield - Rainier Page Three

August 30, 2009

Kevin D. Iams Obituary - Obituary Page Two

Telephone Book Cover Celebrates Centennial - Centennial 2009

Centennial Committee Supports 2010 Census - Centennial 2009

August 24 Council Agenda and Actions - August 24 Agenda

Making Way for Chinook Salmon on Ohop Creek - The Waterfront

Art Festival 2009 Video - Video Page

Dr. A. W. Bridge Orthopedic at Council Meeting - Video Page

Centennial Chair Bob Walter Thanks Council and Others for Successful Festival Weekend - Video Page

Centennial Golf Classic Big Hit and Lots of Fun - Centennial 2009

August 17, 2009

My View: Eyesore Update - Blights 2009

August 10 Council Agenda and Actions - August 10 Agenda

August 10, 2009

Tony's T Clouds at Mount Rainier - Local Interest Page Six

Planning Commission Agenda August 3 - Planning Commission

July 27 Council Agenda and Actions - July 27 Agenda

Stevens Canyon Road Repair - Rainier Page Three

August Teacher Workshop Added to Mount Rainier - Rainier Page Three


July 26, 2009

B.W. Lyon Football Field Gets Extreme Makeover - Football Field

Eyesores Around Town - Blights 2009

Don't Feed the Animals at Mount Rainier - Rainier Page Three


July 21, 2009

July 13 Council Agenda and Actions - July 13 Agenda

July 20 Planning Commission Agenda - Planning Commission

1937 Tour Coach Returns to Mount Rainier National Park - Rainier Page Three

CenterPoint Church Town Clean-Up Video - Local Interest Page Six

July 18, 2009

Centennial Coins for Sale at Town Hall - Centennial Coins

Relay For Life 2009 Photos and Video -  Relay 2009

July 16, 2009

July 15 School Board Agendas - July 15 Agendas

July 13, 2009

Obituary - Douglas Gregerson - Obituary Page Two

Community Clean-Up by Volunteers - Local Interest Page Six

Rod Knockers Photo and Video - Rod Knockers 2009

Letter to the Editor - "Wonderful and Inspiring Parade" Margit Thorvaldson - Parade 2009

 Celebrating Independence July 3 and 4  Photos and Video- Parade 2009

July 3 Garbage Can Fire at Middle School - Local Interest Page Six

Climbing Ranger Rescued on Mount Rainier -  Rainier Page Three


July 1, 2009

July 1 Special School Board Meeting Agenda - July 1 Agenda

Lind - Gillian Wedding Photo - Local Interest Page Six

June 28, 2009

A Call for Conservation Canine Volunteers - Conservation Canines

Obituary - Jim McKee - Obituary Page Two

Obituary - Raymond F. Arment Jr. - Obituary Page Two

Recycling Trees to Help Salmon Recovery - The Waterfront

June 25, 2009

June 24 School Board Meeting Agenda - June 24 Agenda
June 24, 2009

Visitor Shuttle Service at Mount Rainier - Rainier Three

Free Weekends at Mount Rainier - Rainier Three

June 22 Council Agenda and Actions - June 22 Agenda
June 22, 2009

Mayoral Candidate Valentine Withdraws from Race - Election 2009
Happy Father's Day - A Father's Lament to His Sleeping Son - Father's Lament

June 21, 2009

June 15 Planning Commission Actions Quarry Public Hearing - Planning Commission

Introducing "Little O" - Owen O'Brien Birth Announcement - Local Interest Page Six

Wedding Announcement Lind- Gallion -  Local Interest Page Six

Relay For Life Faces Major Changes This Year - Relay For Life News 2009

June 18, 2009

School Buses Vandalized - School

EHS 2009 Scholarship Awards - School

2009 All-League Honors 2A Nisqually League - School

Flag Day - Local Interest Page Six
June 17, 2009

My View: Lynch Creek Sub-Area - Read More

June 13, 2009

2009 Election News - Local Interest Page Six

Stream Stewards Offer Free Stewardship Training - The Waterfront

Help Make Washington Green - Volunteers Needed at Pack Forest Greenhouse - The Waterfront

Mountain Community Co-op Information - Co-op Flyer

June 11, 2009

June 10 School Board Meeting Agenda - June 10 Agendas

"Oliver" Tickets for Sale Now - Local Interest Page Six

June 10, 2009

Lynch  Creek Quarry Sub-Area Plan Gets Public Hearing - Planning Commission Hearing

June 8 Council Agenda and Actions - June 8 Agenda

Memorial Day and D-Day Veterans Honored - Memorial Day - D-Day 2009

Greg Allen Eldridge Obituary - Obituary Page Two

Road Repairs at Mount Rainier National Park - Rainier Three

Great Photos from Tony Sirgedas - Local Interest Page Six

June 5, 2009

June 1 Planning Commission Agenda and Lynch Creek Quarry Public Hearing - Planning Commission

Me View: Brewing a Big Cauldron of Controversy - A Prison in Town? -  Planning Commission

Alumni Events to Benefit Dollars for Scholars - School
Eatonville High School Pool Survey - School

June 2, 2009

May 11 Council Agenda and Actions - May 11 Agenda

May 27 Council Agenda and Actions - May 27 Agenda

May 30, 2009

Pat Van Eaton Appointed to Issaquah River and Streams Board - Van Eaton Confirmation

Meet Austin Williams Eatonville's Student Ambassador - Student Ambassador

Lance Luttrell Powell Memorial Service - Obituary Page Two

Ciscoe Morris Came to Town - Orthopedic Hosts Ciscoe

Emily Randolph Debuts Centennial Song on May Day - Centennial 2009

Art Festival Update - Art Festival 2009

My View: Parks, Parks, Parks - Park Controversy

May 10, 2009

May Day Photos and Video - May Day 2009

May 9, 2009

Northwest Trek Partners with Centennial Committee - Centennial 2009

Swine Flu Message from Town Officials - Swine Flu

May 8, 2009

Special School Board Meeting to Discuss Finances - May 7 Special School Board Meeting

May 6, 2009

Save Plaza Market Receipts - Dollars for Scholars - School

Murder Mystery Dinner at School - School

My View: Is Town Trying to Kill Art Festival? - "New Rule, No Cars"

May 5, 2009

Mount Rainier Ranger and Mountain Climbing Guide to Receive Honors for Bravery - Rainier Three

May 3, 2009

April 27 Council Agenda and Actions - April 27 Agenda

Capitol Kids in Olympia - Capitol Kids

Mount Rainier National Park to Receive $3.312 Stimulus - Rainier Stimulus Money .

April 29, 2009

Letter to Editor - Teresa Noel Fondly remembers "Coach" Pearson - Letter to Editor

Happy Pre-Birthday Eatonville - Pat Van Eaton Holds Grandfather T.C. Van Eaton's Top Hat - Centennial 2009

Excellent Emily Randolph Wins Part of Artful Dodger - Local Interest Page Six

Summer Teacher Workshop at Mount Rainier - Rainier Three

Storytelling at Mount Rainier - Rainier Three

Clean Air Agency - Changes to SEPA Checklist - Local Interest Page Six

April 27, 2009

Fixing the Football Field - School

April 24, 2009

Meeting of the Minds - Centennial Promotion - Centennial 2009

Happy 90th Birthday Skip Anderson -  Local Interest Page Six

Centennial Rain Garden Built Behind Library - Local Interest Page Six

April 23, 2009

School Board Meeting Agenda - April 22 School Agenda

April 21, 2009

Elijah Jay Neyman Obituary - Obituary Page Two

Clarence "Pete" Pearson Obituary - Obituary Page Two

April 13 Council Agenda and Actions - April 13 Agenda and Actions

April 12, 2009

The Eagle Has Not Landed - Stunning Bald Eagle Photos by Tony Sirgedas - Local Interest Page Six

Daffodil Float 2009 Centennial Theme - Photos and Videos - Daffodil Float 2009

April 9, 2009

School Board Meeting April 8, 2009 - April 8 Board Agenda

March 23 Council Agenda and Actions -  March 23 Agenda

Relay For Life Captain's Meeting - Relay 2009

April 7, 2009

Cindy McTee Earns Another Major Music Award - Local Interest Page Six

Centennial Coin Change - Centennial 2009

Bethel Kids Study Area History - Bethel History Kids

Tony Sirgedas Captures the Snow Local Interest Page Six

Tony's Yard Art - Frolicking Deer - Local Interest Page Six

Way Finding Signs Find Way to Eatonville - Local Interest Page Six

March 30, 2008

Chamber Flower Baskets - Flower Power

March 27, 2009

Town to Receive $825,000 in Stimulus Money - Local Interest Page Six

Centennial News - Coins, Shirts, Web Site, Logos - Centennial 2009

Good News - School District in "Very Strong Financial Shape" - School

Alleged Goat Killer Charged - Goat Tortured and Killed by Bow and Arrow

School Board Director Sought by District - School

Surveillance Cameras Now at Mill Pond Park - Local Interest Page Six

No Hands on Our Time - Local Interest Page Six

March 25, 2009

School Board Agenda - March 25 School Board Agenda

March 17, 2009

March 9 Council Agenda and Actions - Council Agendas Page Two

EHS Winter Sports Results - Local Interest Page Six

My View: Too Much Personal Stuff Interferes with Decisions - My View Schaub Plat

Love in Bloom - James Schaefer and Crystal D'Elosua Engaged - Local Interest Page Six

Deer Having at Nibble at Arlen Paranto's - Local Interest Page Six

Coalition Humane Dinner and Action - Animals Page Three

Spring Teacher Workshop at Mount Rainier - Mount Rainier Page Two

March 11, 2009

Special School Board Meeting Agenda - Tim Patterson Resigns from Board - Special School Board Agenda March 10

March 8, 2009

Special Council Meeting Called Regarding Schaub Preliminary Plat - Council Agendas Page Two

Today in History March 2 - Mount Rainier - Mount Rainier Page Two

March 5, 2009

My View: Black History - You've Got to be Taught to Hate - Read More

The Scene is Always Changing - Moody Mountain Photo by Tony Sirgedas - Local Interest Page Six

March 4, 2009

February Surprise - Snow! -  Local Interest Page Six

February 27, 2009

Mount Rainier National Park Tests Geohazard Siren - Mount Rainier Page Two

February 25, 2009

February 25 School Board Agenda - February 25 Agenda

Council Agenda and Action February 9 - February 9 Agenda

Bob Schaub Promotes Beautification  for Centennial - Local Interest Page Six

February 17, 2009

Second School Bus Accident at Same Intersection in Three Years - School Bus Accident Two

Sports Letters of Intent Signed by Two EHS Students - Letters of Intent

2009 Relay For Life Kickoff - Relay

Cool Bird Photos from Arlen Paranto and Tony Sirgedas - Local Interest Page Five

Eatonville Bird Watching/Nature Walks - Local Interest Page Six

A Bit of Cottage Merchants News - Local Interest Page Six

February 13, 2009

January 26 Council Agenda and Actions - January 26 Agenda and Actions

Jan Shabro Appointed County Auditor Amidst Controversy - Local Interest Page Five

Mashell River Comes to Close to Damaging Bridge During Heavy Rains - Local Interest Page Five

Hazardous Hole Repaired, Sort Of - Local Interest Page Five

January 23, 2009

January 12 Council Agenda and Actions - January 12 Agenda

January 19, 2009

Peggy Jane Denton Obituary - Obituary Page Two

Road to Paradise to Open this Weekend - Rainier Page Two

January 16, 2009

Kelly Longsworth Obituary - Obituary Page Two

Con Man Trying to Defraud School Supporters -  Local Interest Page Five

Former EHS Grad Shares a Unique Sports Story -  Local Interest Page Five

Citizen's Concern over Foot Deep Hole -  Local Interest Page Five

Tony Sirgedas Captures a Great Blue Heron in the Valley - Local Interest Page Five

January 10, 2009

Christmas Parade Photos and Video - Christmas Parade 2008

Living Christmas Card - Belgian Horses Pull Wagon- Christmas Parade 2008

Pat McCarthy  Unofficially Sworn in as First Woman Pierce County Executive - Pat McCarthy Videos and Photos

Kelly Longsworth Obituary - Obituary Page Two

December 25, 2008

Obituary Scott Furhman  - Obituary Page Two

Letter to Editor: Fire Chief's Wife Explains his Role and More - Letter to Editor

December 11, 2008

December 10 School Board Agenda -  School Agendas December 10

December 10, 2008

Relay For Life Fundraiser - Judy Justice Video - Relay News - Relay 2009

December 8, 2008

Letter to Editor, Margit Thorvaldson on Senior Fundraiser - Letter to Editor

December 6, 2008

Even the Right to Worship Becomes a Struggle in Town - Demystifying CenterPoint Church - CenterPoint Church

Charles Matheny Mill Whistle Sculpture Dedicated - Matheny Honored

November 24 Council Agenda and Actions - November 24 Agenda

December 3, 2008

Which Council Member has the Foulest Mouth, Allison or Rath - Foul Mouths

Wildlife Images by Tony Sirgedas - Tony's Animals

Senior Surprise Brick Sale Fundraiser - Bricks

Thanksgiving from CenterPoint Church - Thanksgiving

Planning Commission Two - Planning Commission 2

Crestview Apartments - Goodbye to a Landmark - Crestview

November 22, 2008

Chamber Gala Dinner and Auction - Chamber

Dedication of Charles Matheny Whistle Sculpture - Whistle Sculpt

Centennial Committee Update - Centennial

November 9, 2008

October 27 Council Agenda and Actions - Agendas Page Two

October 30, 2008

Governor Gregoire Visits Eatonville - Governor Visits Town

October 26, 2008

Antique House Practice Burn - House Practice Burn

October 22 School Board Meeting Agenda - October 22 Agenda

Senior Surprise Fundraiser - School

October 8, 2008

Huntington's Disease 2nd Annual Walk -  HD Walk

Homecoming 2008 Photo and Video - School

September 28, 2008

Renovated Gym Unveiled - Inaugurated  by Girl's Volleyball - New Gym

Class of 1957 Mini-Reunion -  Local Interest Page Four

September 22 Council Agenda and Actions - Agendas Page Two

September 22, 2008

Obituary - Leif Thorvaldson - Obituary Page Two

Obituary - Peggy Lilloren - Obituary Page Two

Moonrise and Mountain Rainier - Local Interest Page Four

September 16, 2008

"Town Plaza" Views -  Plaza Site

Town Flag - Local Interest Page Four

Katrina Animals - About Animals Page Two

September 8, 2008

Price Miller Jr. Finally Sentenced in Child Rape Case -